The management team of the DIVERRE Group is diversified and can meet the multiple demands of its customers, whether they are large or small, French or not.


Beyond its management team, it is all employees of the u DIVERRE Group who contribute to the development and sustainability of its operations. The team’s professional competence is widely recognized by customers, making us a partner company for glassware. What characterizes them is the sense of security, versatility, commitment to quality, respecting time limits, meaning in terms of adaptation of schedules. We find in these teams, many who are passionate about their work./p>


  • Our priorities are listening and customer satisfaction
  • Each person’s autonomy is a daily factor in progress
  • the development of the company ensures its durability
  • competitive innovation is what drives us

Our Charter CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Diverre is a SMEs’ group engaged in products and services improvement targeting glassware industry. We are proud to work in this industry because we consider that glass is a sustainable, recyclable and health friendly material for consumers.

We made and repair since 50 years in France metallic molds for bottles and jars production, but also conveyor systems for the “cold end” in hollow glass industry.
We are characterized by our relentless search for quality and innovation in close cooperation with our clients.
Beyond products we make, we take action as advisors for our clients to define and implement tailored solutions in design and output.
Reactivity and agility are key factors of our success.

Training of our collaborators in our professions is very important to us. This training is carried out in our factories or with training agencies and other industry’s professionals with similar needs. We also train our clients’ collaborators. Also, we consider that employees’ enticement does not ensure sustainability of our skills on short-term.

We respect every French regulations such as occupational health and safety, social right and environment.
We only buy in Europe and these purchases are subject to European regulations.

We are players in environment improvement, we separate the wastes, reselling metallic waste, using environment-friendly products as much as we can, and optimizing our energy uses.


The DIVERRE Group is constantly recruiting professionals from the mechanics and sheet metal industries.